Bookings Africa: Revitalizing Pan-African Market Via New Mobile Application

Bookings Africa is a prominent pan-African marketplace which incorporates tech to destabilize as well as revitalize the origination of talent in the lifestyle, entertainment and media industries all over Africa. Fade Ogunro, founder and CEO, revealed the rollout of the app and the successful implementation of the recent fund raising round of the company.
The goal of Bookings Africa is to unlock young ambitious Africans’ earning potential and monetize their innate skills. Users can browse for multitude of talent via the app, contrast their straightforward rates, book online, pay securely, and provide product reviews and ratings across Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.
Currently, Bookings Africa offers over 14 categories of talent including make-up artists, photographers, DJs, hairstylists, and social media influencers with plans of growing it to over 40 categories but also expand throughout Africa by December 2019. The organization has signed up more than 2,000 freelancers and served customers -like Coca-Cola, Anap Jets, May D, Film Factory and The Luxury Lifestyle Market -since its launch in April 2019.
Bookings Africa CEO Fadé Ogunro said: “I think the future is Africa, but the biggest problem we face is unemployment. Bookings Africa addresses this issue by empowering millions of freelancers to gain recognition, monetize their talent and create on their terms a sustainable career. This means that by pressing a button, you can build your profile, upload your job portfolio, set your prices, availability and better manage your business with guaranteed payments. Operating as a director in the media industry for over a decade, I noticed some shortcomings as I sought to provide innovative outlets across the continent. The method is expensive, time-consuming and extremely inefficient at the moment. I have dedicated the last three years of my life to developing this groundbreaking tech-enabled solution that will redefine the workforce of Africa. This is my dream for Africa’s Bookings; a working Africa.
Mayowa Ayodele, Unicorn Group’s Chief Investment Officer, said: “We are excited to partner with Fadé and her team that has built a strong technology-led and scalable business that harnesses and monetizes Africans’ innate talent all over the continent. We believe that investment in Bookings Africa is capable of revolutionizing a highly fragmented market and having a positive impact on lives.
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