England players to wear legacy numbers for 1,000th game

In his words, England’s manager Gareth Southgate has described that it will be a “poignmoment” when the country’s 1,000th international fixture against Montenegro is marked by his team.
The team’s jersey will bear ‘legacy numbers’ on the shirts to commemorate the nation’s 1,000th international game when England host Montenegro on November 14.
It is planned that every players who has represented England in over their 147 years international presence will have their respective legacy number, which begins from the country’s first goal keeper in an international appearance, Robert Baker, bearing the number one jersey mark to England’s youngest cap-winner Tyrone Mings at 1,244.
A statement released by the English Football Association stated that it has sought UEFA’s approval of the plan and will have the numbers printed under the team’s crest which is planned to be worn when the three lions play Montenegro in November.
It’s also expected that the first black player to represent England Viv Anderson will be in attendance to celebrate the national milestone.
Manager Gareth Southgate, with his number legacy number marked at 1,071, opined that numbers “encapsulate the history” of the team.
“We always talk to the players about the badge on the front of the shirt and how we are a small part of that history,” Southgate commented.

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