Five TED talks about what describe To France

These quick English language video talks, discovered on the Know-how, Leisure, Design web site, relate to the matters of historical past, migration, cooking and scandal; in addition they all relate not directly to the European nation of France.

Historical past Vs. Napoleon Bonaparte [2016; 5 minutes]

This temporary cartoon-format speak takes place in a courtroom the place opposing voices spotlight contradictions associated to Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule of France. It highlights truths and falsehoods, professionals and cons, and benefits and drawbacks associated to this man and his actions. For instance, it highlights the brand new structure and authorized code he launched, however then mentions how he reintroduced slavery inside colonies. It describes his stressed soldiering and warring all through the continent, but additionally a consequent unfold of associated democratic beliefs. Because the speak describes, Bonaparte was ‘a ruler full of contradictions.’

Nick Hanauer: Beware, Fellow Plutocrats, the Pitchforks are Coming [2014; 20 minutes]

This isn’t about France, however pertains to a pivotal historic occasion that formed France—the French Revolution. Billionaire Hanauer (‘I am a proud and unapologetic capitalist’) warns fellow ‘plutocrats’ that the actions of the French Revolution might unfold once more—when non-wealthy people take to streets, probably violently, to halt a rising disparity between wealth and poverty. Hanauer takes pleasure in two of his capabilities: his excessive tolerance for threat, and his instinct for what is coming sooner or later. What does he envision subsequent? Offended mobs with pitchforks. In 1980, the highest 1% of Individuals shared about 8% of nationwide wealth; thirty years later, the highest 1% share 20% of wealth. ‘The problem is that inequality is at historic highs today, and it’s getting worse day-after-day,’ he says. The outcomes could possibly be dire. That is about migration, and the tragic penalties (instructed by a Norwegian investigative journalist) when two Syrian people set off from a refugee camp in Calais, France, to swim to England in wetsuits. The speaker, Anders Fjellberg, contrasts figures and statistics (60 million refugees globally; half one million cross the Mediterranean Sea yearly) with tales of precise folks. One of many swimmers, a 22-year outdated named Mouaz, was born in Damascus and had studied electrical engineering earlier than fleeing to Jordan, after which to Europe. The opposite, Shadi, had labored in a printing firm in Damascus earlier than his household home was bombed. The speak is a captivating weft of story, demographic tendencies, and the painful penalties of battle.

Cooking As By no means Seen Earlier than

 [2011; 10 minutes] Nathan Myhrvold attended a chef’s faculty in France, and likewise discovered a lot about cooking from studying books. He finally determined to indicate folks what occurs in prepare dinner pots through the use of pictures of cutaway views—the place one aspect of a pot is glass. The photographs embrace textual content blocks as a manner of speaking ‘science, technique and wonder.’ Lovely images are accompanied by explanations of the ‘physics and chemistry’ of, say, cooking hamburgers.

Dance, Tiny Robots! [2012; 3 minutes]

Bruno Maisonnier (of Aldebaran robotics in France) demonstrates, in semi-darkness on stage, a fleet of some ten choreographed knee-high robots with blue ears, inexperienced eyes and wildly versatile ‘limbs’ who dance to percussive music. That is quick and delightful and will change your concepts as to what future synchronized dancing shows can embrace. On the finish of their efficiency, all take a robotic bow in unison.

Why You Assume you’re Proper Even If You’re Unsuitable [2016; 10 minutes]

Julia Galef talks about scouts and soldier in battle conditions. Each have completely different mindsets, which impacts their judgement. To inform her story, Julia recollects a 19th century occasion in France when a memo launched a political scandal. That is about Alfred Dreyfus, a navy officer wrongly accused of promoting navy secrets and techniques who was despatched to jail on Satan’s Island. ‘Motivated reasoning’ (the drive to assault or defend concepts) is clearly defined by Galef in context of this historic case. The story additionally entails the lucky, although protracted, interventions of a doubter of guilt named Colonel Picquart. The ultimate query she poses: What do you most yearn for?

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