We Must rescue Our Billionaires

I nonetheless have no idea if  Trainer Tom, a former monetary government with one of many power firms, was critical about our dialog that morning, or it was only a fast assertion filled with shock worth aimed toward establishing the flavour of the morning dialogue. In any case, these jewels he dispenses initially of virtually each session are filled with knowledge and mirror the workings of an alert and skilled thoughts. “Just what do you mean about saving our billionaires?” I requested. “Just what it means. Do not try to read in between the lines; there are no lines. Saving our billionaires embodies a purpose similar to saving the buffalo, the bald eagle and the US Dollar! We can not allow that our billionaires, a natural resource and a shining example of American ingenuity to the rest of the world, be exposed at this time of crisis to unnecessary inquisitions and embarrassing queries” “Pure sources?’ In a critical tone, Trainer Tom answered: “Simply consider a cactus. It has an distinctive capability to soak up water within the driest soil and least enticing local weather. It grows rapidly and within the course of develops its self defenses within the type of needles that maintain him protected from predators and stray cowboys. It is aware of the best way to extract the smallest drop from nowhere; it manages to maintain it and permits it to draw extra with not the slightest concern for different life varieties that might use among the magic aspect. A cactus, like a billionaire, enhances the view and offers a sense of envy in lots of. You understand, if he could make it, so can I!’ “That is a strange analogy, Teach!” “Nothing simple about cactus or billionaires, my friend!” He laughed out loud after which added: “We are the only rich country in the world that can create billionaires at the drop of an uninsured short term triple reverse debenture and in the process protect the American dream. That is, nothing like an American billionaire to proclaim the opportunities, justice and fairness of our system. You see, our billionaires spread wealth and goodwill among many countries abroad by buying choice estates in the Med, the Caribbean islands, expensive jewelry in Paris and Geneva, custom-made 24-seat business jets in Manchester, 100 foot Swedish yachts, Austrian skis and those 3 thousand dollar shoes you find in Rue de Rivoli or Regent Street!” “I get it, but how can they manage to accumulate such wealth that is obviously obtained at the expense of other less fortunate and less mentally awake competitors, bureaucrats and little old ladies in peaceful suburbs?” Trainer Tom checked out me as if I had simply damaged out of the shell. He noticed: “My friend, there are more than one thousand billionaires in the world today. Not all of them have attained their privileged status by robbing little old ladies, playing the stock market and selling How To books! The two valid reasons that justify their billionaire status are simply opportunity and blood equalization. Their success comes from those admirable conditions/” “Blood equalization? What the hell is that?’ “In simple terms, it is the blood lines in wealthy families that allow a member to join their billionaire ranks. For instance, if you are born into the ruling Saudi Royal family, the Malaspina family in the Bronx or the Terushenko Oil family in Moscow, your billionaire status is assured. But the other facet of blood equalization is the subtle manner in which a bond is created with those who control the many government rulings and mandates and also those who quietly open the door of the vaults for you. A link as strong as a blood link is created and is conveniently supported by discreet contributions that enable you to continue your ascent into the billionaire status. Blood is thicker than… you know what!” I have to admit that I felt a bit dizzy from the peculiar descriptions made by Trainer Tom. I may perceive that the billionaire’s maneuvers and deceitful plans of all these on the stairways to billions would entice massive portions of cash from seduced funding administration firms and their inevitable ‘darkish swimming pools’, and their shady offers behind the backs of consultants, auditors, comptrollers and the Federal Deposit Insurance coverage. As all of them crashed, the billionaires managed to avoid wasting the most important portion of their billions in unusual nests and uncertain firms overseas; then we, the taxpayers, due to a magnanimous authorities needed to cowl the deficits of virtually your entire banking and monetary construction of the nation in ways in which have been easy appropriations. I marveled about the place the federal government was going to get all that cash, maintaining in thoughts that tax revenues weren’t the reply. I considered these 800 billion in tax reductions granted these billionaires. I requested the Trainer about it: “Who is going to pay for this debacle, Teach?” “Probably China, Japan, India and a few other suckers!” “How are we going to pay that back? The country has a financial hole of more than 70 trillions!” He laughed and answered: “Easy, we just do not pay it. In time it will go as a bad debt in the books of those countries!” I couldn’t imagine my ears. However needed to agree that there was cause behind the Trainer’s statement. I used to be additionally puzzled to his money-making reference of ‘How To’ books as a supply of immense wealth. I requested: “You mentioned a How To book. What is it?” He reached into the bookcase subsequent to him and pulled an imitation leather-covered guide, fantastically engraved, additionally containing a CD. He smiled and mentioned: “This my latest E-book ‘How to Become a Billionaire in Six Easy Lessons” He handed it to me with these phrases: “This is a numbered issue. The chance of a lifetime. Now, write me a check for $995.99 dollars and you will be on your way to untold riches!” PS – The guide quantity was 175,337

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