HUAWEI P30 lite: The New 48MP Main Camera Smartphone

HUAWEI P30 lite, the latest three-camera smartphone based on photography, was launched today by Huawei Consumer Business Group.
The new HUAWEI P30 smartphone, integrating an elegant architecture with Huawei’s innovative tech, is equipped with three rear cameras supporting ultra-wide angle photography and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
Through high-quality photography, it allows young photography lovers to snap high-quality images on a smartphone.
The triple camera setup includes a 48MP main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera, and a depth camera. The Kirin 710 (AI smartphone chipset) operates within the HUAWEI P30 lite in combination with EMUI ROM 9.0.1 and 128 GB of internal storage to provide the best smart user experience for users.
Ultra Wide Angle AI Triple Camera Support
HUAWEI P Series has always been considered one of the greatest smartphone families for dedicated photographers, defining the especially popular triple camera setup.
HUAWEI P30 lite, newest of the iconic line-up, is a beautiful smartphone built for young consumers who love photography and share their work with friends and family. With three high-resolution rear cameras, ultra-wide angle photography in combination with Huawei’s sophisticated camera algorithms, HUAWEI P30 lite allows users to snap studio-grade images without the use of studio equipment, enabling use of captured images to produce high-quality poster prints.
The high-resolution 48MP camera uses a unique super-sampling technology to provide lossless zooming performance equal to a professional 2x optical zoom telephoto lens. The implementation of its 8MP camera’s ultra-wide angle lens makes HUAWEI P30 lite one of industry’s first smartphones to embrace a 120-degree field of view which is twice that of standard smartphone lenses. It also helps users achieve more beauty and experience than before — particularly while capturing mountainsides or city skyscrapers.

Beautiful manufacturing techniques and innovative design
In accordance with other phones that share the same name, HUAWEI P30 lite continues this perfection in design, combining a futuristic look using Huawei’s core technologies to offer an integrated, quality user experience that consumers have come to expect from HUAWEI P Series phones. In addition to a rich suite of photography apps, HUAWEI P30 lite also emphasizes Huawei’s devotion to the pursuit of perfection.
In this search, on the HUAWEI P30 lite, Huawei applied the most cutting-edge production processes. There are three colors available for HUAWEI P30 lite: Midnight Black, Pearl White and Peacock Blue. These are an enhancement of their famous gradient color, using a glare film to accentuate the back of the phone with a touch of retro glitz and glamour.
Manufacturers have experimented with a wide range of notch models to improve the screen-to-body ratio on smartphones. HUAWEI P30 lite sports a 6.15-inch Dewdrop panel which uses a highly miniaturized dew-shaped notch to house its interiors, enabling a huge screen-to-body ratio of 84.1% to be achieved.
Young nigerians are defined by their technological involvement, which is why the HUAWEI P30 lite is a smartphone that is completely worth buying. It provides you with bleeding-edge technology and qualities needed in a phone. The HUAWEI P30 lite, priced at N99,000, will be available for Pre-Order from 28 October. Pre-order the HUAWEI P30 lite, get a digital wristband, an electric toothbrush (not available after pre-ordering) and enjoy Airtel Double Data as well.
Exclusive to Airtel and SLOT
October 24, 2019

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