Simple Tips to Safeguard Your Skin

The harhness of summer and winter can take their toll on our skin’s condition. To look after your skin throughout the year in all seasons, use these simple tips to safeguard your skin on the inside and outside of your body.


Drink water steadily throughout the day – at least two litres or 8 glasses. In hot weather you’ll probably need more as your body will use additional water to regulate your body temperature.

If you find it difficult to drink water throughout the day, increase your ‘high water’ food intake – salads, fruit and vegetables.

Beverages such as alcohol, coffee and traditional tea have a dehydrating effect on the body. Although they are high in water content, the other ingredients within these beverages require the use of water to metabolise. The overall effect is one of dehyrating, rather than hyrdating the body.


Develop a daily skin routine where you cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin both morning and night to keep it in peak condition. Even if you aren’t yet into this routine, it is never too late and after a couple of weeks it is likely you will be more than pleased with the results.

Don’t take chances – burnt skin is damaged skin. During the summer, get into the habit of applying a high SPF suncreen regularly.

Reapply sunscreen before and after swimming, and remember that ultraviolent rays can reach you on cloudy days and while you are in the shade.

Between 11am and 3pm take extra care and stay inside or within the shade to avoid the strongest sun of the day.

Spritz your face regularly throughout the day.

Choose loose, cotton, silk or linen clothing which allow perspiration to evaporate naturally.

Wear a floppy hat to keep the heath off your head.

Finish off the day with a liberal application of aftersun cream – soothing aloe vera is most effective.

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